What Is The Best Calcium Supplement Brand To Take In 2019?

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Calcium is one primary element we require in our lives – from our childhood when the bone arrangement is at its top, to our adulthood when you have to keep up with your bones and bolster fundamental capacities. Calcium plays a very important role in muscle constriction, blood coagulation, and pulse direction.

According to studies, most of our regular foods don’t contain the required amount of calcium needed by the body. For people who hardly use dairy items, supplements may be the ideal source of calcium.

When your body does not get the required calcium, it resolves to draw this element from your bones and this could lead to bone diminishing illnesses like osteoporosis. A daily dose of calcium can go a long way in ensuring that you live longer.

Here are top 5 best calcium supplement brand that should be taken note of. We will review them in full as we progress.


Our Rating
GNC Calcium Plus 1000 Check Prices
Rainbow Light 100% Calcium Citrate, 120 MinitabsCheck Prices
Bluebonnet - Calcium Citrate Magnesium Vitamin D3 - 180 CapletsCheck Prices
Solgar Calcium Magnesium with Vitamin D3 Tablets, 300 CountCheck Prices
Kirkland Signature Calcium Citrate 500mg (500 Tablets)Check Prices

Who is at risk of Calcium Deficiency

More than you would expect, there is an inadequacy in this key mineral. Not everybody is at the same level of risk posed by insufficient amounts of calcium. The risk varies with a couple of factors.

Maturing people

For ladies over the age of 50, there is a need to increase their intake of calcium. While the RDA for the normal grown-up is 1000mg and that sum goes up to 12000mg once you get to 51 and 71, for ladies and men respectively.

These set of people require this mineral to be able to shield their bones from becoming fragile distinctly fragile and handle other conditions that have to do with aging.


Women tend to need a bit more calcium than men – especially as they grow older. Some studies also found out that this mineral can lessen the effects of PMS in some women.

Athletics and related discipline

Proper calcium dosage is especially important for athletes and anyone living an active lifestyle. One obvious reason for this is that calcium makes bones stronger and helps to prevent muscle cramps. Also, another reason you may not immediately recognize is that active folks are more likely to become calcium deficient as a result of the regular perspiration which removes minerals from the body.

What to look for in a good calcium supplement?

As should be expected, there are tons of calcium supplements that are available in the market. This is usually a problem when it comes to picking out the right one. With this, there are a lot of things to be checked into before making your choice of calcium supplement.

Calcium content

One of the first step to take before going for any supplement of calcium is to investigate the supplement facts label to see the amount of calcium in every serving. Normally, you’ll see items with a scope of 500-1000mg for every serving. Remember the day by day prescribed sum is 1000 mg.

Type of calcium

Another important thing to look for is the kind of calcium utilized. Calcium is the original mineral, yet in supplement frame, you will see names like calcium citrate, calcium carbonate, calcium chelate and others. Distinctive sorts ingest at various rates and efficiencies, despite the fact that they all offer basically similar advantages. We suggest calcium citrate much more of the time.

Other Components of the Supplement

A large portion of the best calcium pills will really contain more than just calcium. Vitamin D is the most generally included, trailed by magnesium and zinc is included on the grounds that they work synergistically with calcium in the body. In case you are now taking magnesium or vitamin D supplement, you do not have to run with one of these mix supplements.

How much calcium is required by the body

The requirements for calcium by the body will depend on your sex and age. The following should give you an idea of how much calcium you should take.

For men between the ages of:

  • 19-50 required quantity of daily calcium intake is 1000 – 2500mg
  • 51-7- required quantity of daily calcium intake is 1000 – 2000mg
  • 71 and above the required quantity of daily calcium intake is 1,200 – 2,000

For women between the ages of:

  • 19-50, required quantity of daily calcium intake is 1000-2500mg
  • 51 and above, required quantity of daily calcium intake is, 1200 – 2000mg

What are Calcium Supplements?

Calcium supplement, in simple terms, refers to items intended to convey concentrated measurements of this mineral. They ordinarily come in liquid, powder or chewable form.

The National Institute of Health prescribes around 1000mg of calcium for every day for grown-ups. The particular suggestion changes relying upon age and sexual orientation, however, 1000 mg is a decent normal standard to consider.

The best you can get from food items are 200mg from of yogurt, 70mg from almonds and 100mg from kale. This clearly suggests that it is almost impossible to get this mineral just from your normal eating routine. This is especially of people who have prohibitive weight controls plans to adhere to.

An ideal calcium supplement is supposed to contain about 500 – 1000mg of calcium for each serving. This amount of calcium is what guarantees you an optimum state for meeting your day to day engagements.

Benefits of Calcium Supplements

There are a lot of benefits offered by this element, which cannot be exhausted in this article.

However, there are a few key advantages you should take note of.

These supplements come with a mix of other essential minerals like mineral and vitamin D.

This mix provides a number of benefits. One of such benefits is a reduced risk of bone fractures. The calcium and vitamin D combination is a recommended supplementation for prevention and treatment of illnesses like osteoporosis.

Other benefits include:

  • Help’s keep up ideal body weight
  • Reduces danger of colon tumor
  • Helps control circulatory strain
  • Reduces danger of kidney stones
  • Protect cardiovascular muscles and heart
  • Helps decrease PMS side effects
  • Regulates pH levels
  • Help’s keep up sound gums
  • Strengthens and secures teeth
  • Aids in ideal supplement transport inside the body
  • Prevents side effects of calcium insufficiency
  • Supports general well-being

5 Best Calcium Supplement Brand Reviews

Our Rating
GNC Calcium Plus 1000 Check Prices
Rainbow Light 100% Calcium Citrate, 120 MinitabsCheck Prices
Bluebonnet - Calcium Citrate Magnesium Vitamin D3 - 180 CapletsCheck Prices
Solgar Calcium Magnesium with Vitamin D3 Tablets, 300 CountCheck Prices
Kirkland Signature Calcium Citrate 500mg (500 Tablets)Check Prices

1. GNC Calcium Plus 1000

Here is a solid calcium supplement – the GNC Calcium Plus 1000. This supplement contains 1000mg of calcium in each serving. Like the previous supplements, it also contains magnesium and vitamin D3. They all go a long way to support the assimilation rate of calcium.

It takes its origin from GNC, a standout amongst the most conspicuous brands in the business. This is an exceptionally compelling and effective calcium supplement, with all three constituents cooperating to enhance our body’s well-being.

What’s in it?

One serving contains:

  • 1000 mg calcium carbonate
  • 500 mg Magnesium – enhance general wellbeing and work synergistically with calcium
  • 800 IU vitamin D3 – added to enhance retention
Offers enhanced calcium absorption
Less costly


2. Rainbow Light 100% Calcium Citrate, 120 Minitabs

Records have it that this is one of the successful calcium supplements. Each serving is known to contain 800mg of one of the best calcium known as calcium citrate. It features a predominant assimilation rate.

It incorporates horsetail, vitamin D3, and spirulina and together they all make this supplement an ideal choice. Overall, this is a top calcium supplement and an awesome decision for anybody searching for a strong item. The mini-tabs are pleasant as they’re anything but difficult to swallow, and the tender equation is extraordinary for those with touchy stomachs.

What’s in it?

One serving contains:

  • 800mg Calcium Citrate – citrate is an exceptionally bio-available and absorbable type of this key supplement
  • 800 IU Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D3 is added to support the adequacy of calcium and in light of the fact that it gives numerous prominent medical advantages all alone.
  • Boron, spirulina and horsetail concentrate are added to further expand retention and viability
It comes in mini tabsSomewhat expensive, compared to other supplements doing the same work
It comes in chewable, for easy absorption and assimilation
It does not bother the stomach
Helps to build the immune system


3. Bluebonnet – Calcium Citrate Magnesium Vitamin D3 – 180 Caplets

Bluebonnet Calcium Citrate Magnesium and Vitamin D3 is a capable supplement and it offers certain key supplement in one. It does not just provide you with calcium, but magnesium inclusive. That’s not all, it also contains vitamin D3. This three fixings all work together synergistically to enhance your wellbeing.

What’s in it?

One serving contains:

  • 1000 mg calcium (as calcium citrate)
  • 400 mg magnesium (as magnesium aspartate)
  • 800 iu vitamin D3
It comes in caplet that are easy to swallowSour taste
It offers maximum absorption and assimilation


4.Solgar Calcium Magnesium with Vitamin D3 Tablets, 300 Count

Solgar Calcium Magnesium with Vitamin D3 is a solid calcium supplement that supports the wellbeing of your bones, teeth, sensory system and even much more. These three supplements work synergistically in the body, which is the reason they are frequently joined into one item.

It contains 100% of the day to day need or a greater amount of each of these imperative supplements. This supplement is a simple approach to enhance your wellbeing. It might simply be the best calcium supplement available.

What’s in it?

One serving contains:

  • 1000mg Calcium (as calcium Citrate)
  • 400iu vitamin D3
Supports musculoskeletal wellbeingOne servings is 5 tablets
Contains zinc for collagen synthesis in the bone tissue


5. Kirkland Signature Calcium Citrate 500mg (500 Tablets)

This is yet another calcium supplement that is considered a must-take. Much more than just containing calcium, magnesium and vitamins D3, it also contains Zinc. These are minerals that you can adequately get in your normal dietary routine – especially in these days of weight control plan.

What’s in it?

One serving contains:

  • 500mg calcium citrate
  • 80 mg vitamin D3
  • 10 mg zinc
  • Minute proportions of B6, copper, manganese, and boron.
It comes in caplet that are easy to swallowLess calcium than usual



The winner of all the above-reviewed products, in my opinion, is the GNC Calcium Plus 1000. This is because GNC contains all the ingredients contained in the rest of the supplement and still sells cheaper.

The importance of Calcium in the body cannot be overemphasized. This is one singular element responsible for the strength of our bones (including teeth), regulation of contraction of muscles (heartbeat included) and prevention of defects like colon and breast cancer.

For most people, a balanced healthy diet cannot supply them with enough of this mineral. A recommended option here is the calcium supplement. As it is said, a healthy body equals a healthy mind. With your body healthy, you could go anywhere and achieve anything.

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