What Does Eating Clean Means? (5 EFFECTIVE CLEAN EATING TIPS)

Eating clean means that you focus most of your diet on natural and unprocessed foods. Clean eating diet doesn’t mean the latest and greatest weight loss program at all.

Clean food diet is about the way we eat which focuses fruits, vegetables, meats and grains in their most natural, unprocessed form.

To simply put it, a clean diet is a way that we used to eat before there was a fast food restaurant at every corner and grocery stores packed with processed foods and meals ready to heat and serve.

You consciously decide to eat meals like steamed broccoli and grilled chicken, omelets, homemade chili or steak, baked potato and a side salad instead of going or calling for a pizza, pasta, bread and fried chicken.

eating clean

The idea behind eating clean is to get back to consuming fresh, mainly unprocessed foods that contain their full nutritional value which is not stuffed full of preservatives, additives and flavor enhancers.

The main reason for choosing to stick to a clean diet is to eat healthier.

There is no hard rule in eating clean. I really find like this article from Good Housekeeping, Why “Clean Eating” Is Total BS. Don’t just read its title as it may imply a different meaning, I really suggest you read the article.

When you search about eating clean on the internet, you will see different meaning and suggestions on how to do it.

Some say it’s about consuming ONLY unprocessed foods. Others are comfortable enjoying things like butter, cheese, cured meats and cultivated vegetables like Sauerkraut.

So, how you do it personally is really all up to your preferences. Even just removing fast foods in your diets like burgers, or French fries will still help.

Here are the 5 clean eating tips I want to share with you.

1. Fill up your plate with plenty of raw or cooked vegetables.

2. Cook up some rice or bake a potato and round it all up with a little fruit and cheese for dessert.

eating clean

3. Find a couple of go-to meals you like and build your weekly meals around those dishes.

4. When you’re outside you might find it hard to find healthy snacks so keeping some fresh and dried fruit along with some seeds and nuts for emergency snacking will always come in handy.

eating clean

5. When it comes to drinks, water, and herbal teas are your best friend. Black coffee is another good choice. Just be careful about adding sweeteners and creamers.

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eating clean

As in any endeavor in life, getting back to eating clean will take a little time and effort if you are already used to eating foods that are laden with sugar, salt and flavor enhancers.

But once your taste buds adjust, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how delicious real food is. And your body will thank you for the change to clean eating as well.

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