How To Pop A Boil With No Head?

It can really be inconvenient, when you have some important work or event to attend, say a ball, gala, or even the prom, and then you realize that you have a zit, pimple or a boil, that just won’t give in, no matter how much you try.

What’s even worse is when you break or pop the boil, it then create a scar that’s even harder to get rid off. This can be a real pickle.

Over the course of this article, we will be looking at ways and techniques of how to pop a boil, zit, or pimple without a head.


So What Is a Boil?

A boil is an external bodily extremities that causes you some inconvenience and discomfort. Before you even realize it, you begin to notice a reddening on a particular spot. The spot becomes soft and tender and over time it becomes firm and even more tender.

When it gets tender, the white blood cell trust to fight of the infection which then forms the head, where the pus comes out from. This pus is filled with bacteria, proteins and the white blood cells that were fighting the infection.

This enclosed pus, which is under the skin to known as abscess, or commonly known as a furuncle.

The boils infection start first or produces at any oil gland or hair follicle. Oily patches of the skin are the most susceptible to boil infection.


What Causes Boil?

Boils are caused by a bacterial infection called the staphylococcal germ that fights with white blood cells which then causes a reddening in the affected spot, and within a short period, it begin to form pus, filled with protein, and the white blood cells and bacteria.

The diagnosis for boils is good. You can treat the boil if you take swift action.

Boils can be a bad thing, if you do not take good care of it. You could fall sick from it. Try to maximize the opportunity of taking care of the boil immediately you see it, you can pop it at home, with the process listed below or pop it in the hospital.

How To Pop A Boil With No Head


How to Pop a Boil Without Head?

There are so many techniques, so many steps and procedure to pop a boil at home and even surgically without head. Let us take a look at some of the most effective techniques.

1. Warm Water

One effective way of popping a boil with no head is the warm water therapy, this therapy is a home treatment.

How does the warm water therapy work?

It’s easy! Soak a towel in warm water and then gently press the boils till the pus pops. When it pops, wash the boil spot with an antibacterial soap, and when you are done, apply ointment on the spot and put a band aid on it. This process works but should be done 10 days after the boil emanates.

2. Garlic

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Another option for home therapy, is to apply garlic on the boil spot. Aside from the sulphur properties available in garlic, garlic is also known for it anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties, the perfect remedy for a bacterial infection.

How do you apply the garlic?

First of all, grind the garlic into a paste-like substance, then apply the paste on the boil spot and leave for about 3 hours. After application, wash it off with an antibacterial soap. Remember to apply the ointment after you wash off the garlic paste.

Other food stuff you can use are; onion, turmeric, potatoes. You can also use tea tree oil, castor oil, apple cider vinegar amongst other food items.

3. Bread and Milk

You think breakfast is all about eating? You can also apply your breakfast to your boil to pop it without head. And by breakfast, I mean bread and milk. It is simple.

Heat up the milk, add a little bit of salt, then stir. And to produce the pasty look, cut pieces of bread and put it in the heated milk. Apply the pasty breakfast on the infected area and leave it on the tendered spot for about 1-2 hours then wash it off and voilà, you’re good to go. You will notice that the milk makes the infected area soothing, giving you an amazing result.

The drying agent in the Epsom salt can also be used to effectively pop a boil without head. What the epsom salt does is that, it drags the head of the boil to the skin and over time you can easily pop and drain the boil.

4. See a Doctor

You can also get rid of a boil fast through the medical process. If you notice a boil, you can see a doctor, for treatment. You’ll be given an antibiotic after the doctor determines which kind of bacteria caused the infection. The pus in the boil can also be surgically removed, by lancing (also draining).

5. Bacon

This is the old wives tales on how to get rid of boil with no head. Simply apply raw bacon with enough fat, on the affected area. Use a bandage to hold it in place and let it stay on the infected area to the following day.

6. Crust of Bread

Another tale to effectively get rid or pop the boil is to put the crust of the bread on the infected spot, use a bandage on it to hold it in place and watch wonders happen on your face.




Preventing a boil infection is easy. Live a clean and hygienic life, treat minor wounds properly, wash your clothes daily, cleanliness is next to godliness. Treat your body like a temple and you’ll feel like a temple.

Cutting sugar level intake is actually good for reducing possibility of having a boil.

Also mind what you take in. Avoid taking excess drugs, alcohol and things that will weaken your immune system. A weak immune will increase the possibility of having the infection frequently.

There are products you can use to help pop the boil. There are ointments that are made just for popping boils. Use antibacterial soaps that completely wipes out bacteria. The less the bacteria, the less the chances of you having boils.

Whatever process you use to pop a boil, it is not only advisable but recommended that you wash and clean the spot at least twice or three times daily, if you want faster recuperation.

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