1. Citrus zest is a great way to add bright bursts of flavor to your recipes. Use a micro plane or zester to collect as much of the brightly colored outer layer as possible without harvesting the bitter white layer beneath. If you collect more than you can immediately use, freeze or oven dry the zest to add to soups and stews or to make seasoned salts, marinades, and salad dressings later.

2. It is much easier to collect the zest from the whole fruit, so always zest lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit before you peel, juice, or slice them.

3. If possible, buy organic citrus for zesting because the outer layer of the fruit is most exposed to the harsh chemicals and pesticides used on non-organic crops.

4. As you cook, store leftover edible vegetable scraps in a freezer-safe bag. Use frozen vegetable scraps whenever you make a new batch of vegetable, chicken, or beef stock.

5. When making a frittata, add salt and pepper to the egg as you whisk it. This will ensure the seasoning is evening distributed throughout the recipe vs. just sprinkling it on top at the end.

6. To remove the harsh bite from the red onion, add slices to a bowl of water or white vinegar for approximately 15 minutes. Remove from liquid and pat dry before using.

7. When working with whole black peppercorns, it’s best to start with very small amounts and adjust upwards. The heat from freshly ground whole peppercorns is more intense than store-bought ground pepper.

8. When braising or brimming with pickle juice, resist the temptation to add additional salt to your main dish or other side dishes you plan to serve. The juice has a naturally tangy, salty flavor that doesn’t need a lot of enhancement.

9. When blending hot ingredients in a blender, make sure the lid is adequately ventilated to prevent an “explosion” of hot ingredients when you turn it on.

10. Low heat is key to making stovetop frittatas. Flipping a whole frittata is cumbersome, but if you keep the heat low, it will have time to cook through without overcooking the bottom.

Bonus Tip:

11. When making frittatas in a cast iron skillet, make sure it is well-seasoned. Otherwise, the egg will stick to the bottom and be difficult to get out of the pan.

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